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Designed With The Player In Mind 






Custom Made With Premium Materials


Value your Sax?

Get it in a Rax!

Alto - Tenor Tour
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Baritone Tour
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Bass Tour
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X Stand
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Sax Stick Standing
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Sax Stick Seated
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EWI Stand
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AE10 Stand
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Update on SAXRAX Stands New Lineup Release Date

Frequently asked questions and inquiries.

  • ​When will the new US built stands be available?

    • Current projection for full product line launch is early 2023.​

  • Which stands will continue to be produced?​

    • All Tour Stand variations, X Stand variations, both Standing and Seated baritone Sax Sticks, EWI and Sleeper are currently in production. New variations for the Sax Stick as well as variations of all stands are under consideration.  The AE-10 stand will not be continued once the current inventory on hand is depleted. AE-30 development is under consideration.​

    • Peg adaptors will be available for the Tour stands that allow use of pegs that use 3/8-16 or 1/4-20 male threads. We do not currently manufacture our own peg line. 

  • Where can I get a SAXRAX Stand?​

    • Initial release will be directly through the SAXRAX online store.​

  • What is currently available?​

    • A limited quantity of NOS Baritone Tour stands and AE-10 stands.​

  • Why is it taking so long?​

    • This endeavor has been a "from the ground up process", with many new material and service providers being resourced stateside in the US. Seeking out and building relationships with top quality suppliers takes time.

    • Upon launch, ample and continual supply of SAXRAX Stands will be available. 

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