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Since its conception in the UK over two decades ago, SAXRAX has had a simple and direct mission statement.  It is to develop, produce, and provide Professional Level Saxophone Stands that will securely hold the instruments and look great doing it!​ 


The Brand has been acquired from its founder, and operations have been relocated to the US for production and marketing.  The complete uptake and full line launch is taking a bit longer than forecasted due to procurement of raw materials and onboarding of suppliers.  We are committed to maintaining and exceeding, where possible, the Quality of product the brand has become known for.

SAXRAX stands are unique in everyway, unlike any other on the market. Our stands are not rushed down an assembly line in mass. Each stand is hand assembled with attention to detail to ensure unmatched form, fit, function, and quality. This work is performed by an actual saxophonist who understands the value of our instruments, and the personal investment each of us have in our saxophones. 

SAXRAX is dedicated to the provision of Professional Level Saxophone Stands that meet and exceed the needs of all players, from beginners to the most demanding professionals.


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