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The SAXRAX Story

SAXRAX was conceived and founded in the UK over two decades ago with a mission to develop, produce, and provide purpose-built Professional Level Saxophone Stands to the industry. 

Many great stands were produced during that time, and great success and acclaim were achieved. But like all good things, they must come to an end, right? Absolutely not! Upon the retirement announcement by the founder, the brand and designs were acquired, and operations relocated to the USA for production. With the new owner being a longtime fan and user of SAXRAX, this simply could not be the end of the story. 


For those not familiar with the brand, SAXRAX stands are unique in every way, unlike any other stand on the market. Our stands are not rushed down an assembly line in mass. Each stand is hand assembled with premium materials and attention to detail to ensure form, fit, function, and quality. SAXRAX Stands are not cheap disposable stands. They are an investment. Just like the saxophones we play.

SAXRAX has been, and still is a family owned and ran business dedicated to building the best saxophone stands in the industry. 

Value your Sax? Get it in a SAXRAX®

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