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What Industry Experts are saying

I have dealt personally with the new owner of the SAXRAX stands, a Mr David Hackney, and I can tell you that he has put in many hours deliberating over these stands, making improvements, taking it to the highest level that it possibly can be.  Having received our first shipment I can tell you that he has done a great job!  These stands not only look absolutely great, they hold our Sakkusu bass saxes absolutely perfectly.  And should you ever need to take your bass on a gig, this stand also folds down in a highly satisfactory way!

Jim Cheek

Bass stand looks and works great! Nice package!

SAXRAX lives!

Lock Reese

International Woodwind

Customer Testimonials

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George Coleman

SAXRAX Artist Endorsement

Roger Rosenberg

SAXRAX Artist Endorsement
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